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How Solar Energy Heats Your Domestic Hot Water

Heating water directly from the sun is one of the oldest and easiest ways you can use solar energy. The same principles that heat the water in a garden hose can be used to fill a tank with scalding hot water, ready for laundry, hot showers, washing dishes and other needs, as well as for supplementary space heading and pool and hot tub heating.

The Daystar Drainback System

This domestic hot water system significantly reduces the number of system components required, thereby dramatically improving the level of reliability and assuring a relatively maintenance free lifetime of operation.

In addition, it provides a dual level of temperature protection, eliminating both the possibility of freezing and over- heating.

The components of this solar system have been sized, pre-packaged and factory tested to assure the maximum amount of solar energy possible for domestic needs.

Whenever there is useful energy available from the sun, the automatic controller energizes the system pump. Water is pumped up through the hot collectors from the drain back reservoir and returned by gravity, gradually increasing the temperature of this reservoir. A demand type heat exchanger is immersed in the drain back reservoir through which cold water is passed when hot water off in the residence. As this cold water passes through the heat exchanger it picks up heat and supplies this to the existing hot water tank and thereby reducing the amount of energy used for regular hot water needs. When the collectors can no longer transfer useful energy to the solar reservoir, the system control de-energizes the pump and the water flowing through the solar collectors drains back to the reservoir, eliminating system freeze ups during the cold weather.

This system utilizes a GL-3 Independent Energy Controller and TACO 009 bronze pump. This pump enables the collectors to be be positioned up to 36 feet above the storage tank. The collectors are 3' x 7' or 3' x 8' in size and consist of an insulated aluminum box, a black copper absorber plate and glazed low-iron tempered glass. The storage reservoir is a 66 gallon polyethylene tank with one copper heat exhanger or more depending upon the application.

Through the addition of extra collectors and another heat exchanger, this system can be used to do some supplementary space heating (either hydronic or forced air) and/or pool or hot tub heating.

The ability of the system to be expanded to meet different heating requirements and applications makes it the most versatile solar hot water system on the market.

The Thermosiphon System

In areas where there is no electricity we can supply a thermosiphon system. This system uses no moving parts and instead uses the natural ability of heat to rise in order to transfer the heated water in the collector to the storage tank. For this reason the storage tank is located above the collector.

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