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Available Models

The Caribbean Model
Our Caribbean model consists of a thermosiphon system with no pump or controller because it requires no electricity to operate. It uses a natural heat siphon to move the heated water from the solar collectors to the storage tank located above the collector on the roof. This is possible because the system does not have to contend with freezing temperatures any time during the year. This system can be installed to be used seasonally in Canada and must be drained for the winter. Due to the high altitude and incidence of the sun in the Caribbean our standard system consists of 1 square foot of collector area for every two gallons of storage.

The Californian Model
Our second model, the Californian, consists of a pressurized storage tank, pump, controller, snap switch and a collector area sufficient for 1 square foot of collector area for each gallon of storage. You can use your existing electric tank for storage or for additional hot water we can supply an extra tank. This model is suitable for a climate where there is a low probability of freezing conditions or it can be used seasonally in Canada and drained for the winter.

The Canadian Model
The third model, the Canadian, is for climates where freezing conditions occur during a part of the year. Such conditions are experienced in the Northern United States and Canada. This drain back system consists of a non-pressurized 60 gallon storage tank, pump, controller, heat exchanger and solar collector panels sufficient for either 1 square foot for 1 gallon of storage or 2 square feet or collector for 1 gallon storage.

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